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Semi Private Locations

These take place at any of the cities or surrounding areas above.  If you have access to a gym we will use that and if not we will train outside.  Click here to learn more and sign up.

Small Group Training Locations

These will take place at certain gyms across the Central Coast.  As more and more locations get confirmed they will be added to the "Small Group Training Page."  Click here to learn more and sign up.  Contact Augie if you're interested in getting a location setup near you.


I am from Atascadero and some say I have a little bit of a "Cinderella Story."  If you ask me, it was all part of the plan, wink wink.  I played for one of the best Atascadero teams toposingdate...That team consisted of 5 players to go play at a 4 year university with such names as Darroll Phillips, Mecklen Davis, JD Berwick, and Sean Kennedy.  I was probably the 5th best player on my team.  I wanted to go play in college but didn't get any scholarship offers.  I walked on at Cal St. Monterey Bay (NCAA D2) and had full time access to a gym.  I treated basketball like a 40 hour a week job for 5 years straight.  I got WAY better.  I actually went from PG to SG and found out I could score big shooting threes.  So I graduated from there, hung around and coached under Rob Bishop as a grad assistant for one year before moving to China to teach English.

I did that for about 2 months and then got my first offer to play in Germany.  Their American got injured and they needed a shooter.  I had a great time playing professionally, traveling, growing Baller Boot Camp and I just recently (November 2015) made the decision to retire from playing overseas.  I spent those 7 years creating what is now a 130,000 subscriber youtube channel all about becoming a better basketball player.  This has allowed bcme to hone my craft by creating documentable training methods I can always refer back to and improve upon.  Not to mention, this whole online system has helped thousands of players allover the world.

My ability to connect and work with kids has been my secret weapon.  I came up in the ranks like most trainers haven't.  I have 50+ camps under my belt.  I'm talking about 1,000 of kids that I've worked with personally at those.  I've trained players in their home gyms, in their driveway and I know I can get players better.  The hardest part is trying to find players that TRULY want to get better.

If that's you or your child...

Sign up for the $7 workout below and we can take a look at what you can do and then start to build you up.

- Augie Johnston

Here's An Intro Video To Augie and His Youtube Channel

BallerBootCamp@gmail.com | (805) 423-7881

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